Fujifilm X10

I had no intention of doing a post on the fuji x10, I bought mine over a year ago, used it a little, had it stolen, bought a replacement and it sat on a shelf doing nothing for a long time. I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert at Wembley on Saturday night and knowing their policy on cameras ( no interchangeable lenses ) I decided to take along the X10. You know what? I'd forgotten how much fun this little thing is!
                The Fujifilm has a 35mm equivalent range of 28mm - 112mm which can be doubled using the intelligent digital zoom.

As with the other x bodies, the x10 has beautiful aesthetics, feels solid and handles beautifully. Of course it's not an x100 or x pro, but as a point and shoot, the x10 is incredibly good.

I don't have much experience with compact digital cameras but the x10 is a totally different beast to any I've ever used in the past. The image quality from such a small camera is incredible, I'm not going to get carried away and pretend it can be used for professional work, but I'm sitting here looking at a 12x8 print and it looks really good. Fuji have got to be commended here, a really nice zoom lens and a great wee sensor. By the way, this next photograph was shot at iso 3200! On a compact camera!!!!!

 This post may seem a little late as the X20 is on the market but not everyone is out to purchase the latest and greatest and there are some good deals on x10's at the moment, just like the Fuji x100 has dropped since the arrival of the x100s, it doesn't suddenly make the earlier models awful cameras. Bargains are out there!!

 The next three shots are taken using the intelligent digital zoom feature, 223mm equivalent, while held above my head using the rear lcd to compose, wouldn't be so easy with a 5d and 70-200!

The fuji x10 packs a serious punch in such a small package, this is a great family camera, helped also by the fact that it can withstand a fair amount of abuse, I've dropped it twice and it doesn't even have a mark,  I loved having it at the Springsteen concert. oh and by the way, Bruce was amazing! Three and a half hours non stop, the man is unreal! Even in a massive stadium gig, there is a real sense of intimacy and personal interaction between Bruce and the audience, his showmanship is incredible and even though he's playing Bobby Jean for what must be the several thousandth time you really get the sense that he needs to sing this.
             Here are a few more shots from the x10, if you're in the market for a compact camera you should take a serious look at the fujifilm X10.

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